Washing and cleaning




Handmade fabrics should be regularly washed

to clean wool from impurities and give back strength

to colours and reinforce the structure in order to slow its decline.

We don't suggest to wash at home:

it could weaken colours or shrink fabrics.

If a carpet gets wet it will become rigid and hard like a wooden table,

and if not properly dried some colours, shrinking, could penetrate other colour's zones.

Stinks must be immediately removed.





Carpets and tapestries' washing and cleaning

Despite being stepped on, the carpet is a piece of Art and so it deserves respect and the same attention we give to our house. So, carpets and tapestries' washing and cleaning are periodically necessary, to save them from use and decline, caused by stepping on and by dust, which soak more and more carpets and tapestries' fibers. Depending on the frequency of stepping on the carpet, it will need to be washed every year if located inside home entrance, every two years in the living room, every three years in the bedroom.



Our Cleaning

Thanks to our three and more generations experience we created "our method". It's a regenerating anti-moth washing, which gets better year by year and which consits in an immersion washing with dry-system: this guarantees a deep cleaning of fibers in the weaves. Thanks to special products and ecological high quality additives, we revive all carpets' fibers, giving back brilliance to the colours and softness to the veil, for wool and cotton, without matting risks and decolouring which can happen with traditional water cleaning.



Hints and advices for domestic cleaning after our washing service.

Often clean with vacuum, also from the back, the carpet ( NO carpet sweeper ), three or four times in a year. After vacuum cleaning stroke it with a wet and squeezed rag ( use a water and white vinegar solution, or sodium bicarbonate ): colours will be spiced up, veil impurities and all the dust, which cannot be fully remouved only with vacuum cleaner, will be taken away by doing this. It's also possible to step on the carpet's back for some days before the treatment, in order to easier remove dust inside fibers.


We don't suggest carpet sweepers or other methods, like carpet's shaking, these are all mechanical actions which can damage carpet and loosen fibers, creating hidden problems which can then become very serious and expensive to fix with the passing of time.