Invitation to the Course of Restoration


corso restauro

It's a program that will be held in our studio, open to everyone, to rediscover ancient professions like the creation of a carpet.


Theory: how to make a knotted carpets, a kilim, a tapestry.
Practice: Senneh and Ghiordes knots.
Carpets' fringe and border restoring


To program the drawing.
RAPE' restoring
How to add wool in the consumed field, according to the original knot.
Holes restoring in carpets and kilim
Tapestry restoring


Holes and rips restoring in knotted carpets, re-creating the weave and warp according to the original technique of the carpet.
Reconstructing technique of the knotted carpet.
Creation of your own carpet on framework: Kilim and knotted carpet.


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