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Kilim "Aleppo"

Kilim Aleppo

Today it's a Syrian city but Aleppo belonged to the Ottoman empire from XV to the beginning of XIX centuries, and so the antique "Aleppo" kilim production is connected to the Anatolian one. Elegant patterns like this, which reminds us of "saff" drawings, were often weaved both in silk and wool. Our "Aleppo" Kilim is extraordinary rare, because it's weaved with wool and a golden watermark.





Despite passing of time it's amazing how the colours of this piece have kept vivid and smooth. Accurate patterns and drawings' finesse can show, even today and after much use, how much these knot masters were so good with their handwork.  Looking at the picture you can notice that the brown wool is the only one which had problems with weather agents. All the wools were coloured with berries, natural elements like light brown coming from true camel's hair, then brown colour was made with a mineral and iron oxyd solution which, deteriorating with time, consumed wool creating an high and low relief effect with pattern.