Carpet in the Islamic culture


Tappeto di PAZYRYK cm 189x200 (Museo Ermitage – Leningrado)

The carpet is an artistic product which is deeply linked to islamic culture and laws.

In order to fully appreciate it we need to understand how it reflects its creators' values and thoughts. First of all we have to say that the art of carpets was born and grown much before the Islamic civilization: this is demonstrated by the discovery, in a grave of a Shiite nomad boss in the easter Syberia, of the so- called "PAZYRYK" carpet,  from V century before Christ.

We also need to point out that the carpet is an artistic product of different populations with different races, religions and cultural educations. Plus, this art also grows outside the Islamic Area but anyway the best and highest levels are reached inside it.

It's interesting to analyze why, while adapting to Islamic Civilization, this art started to spread out and was shared with populations coming from North Africa to Middle Eastern Area, until Center Asia, India and China.


PAZYRYK carpet cm 189x200(Ermitage Museum - Leningrad )