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Restauro Tappeti D'arte

When Art becomes a Carpet, a Carpet becomes Art.

The desert nomad, who works hard to get from sheeps' wool and goat's fur the garden flowers he will never get, talks us through the carpet. We can't evaluate with money this aesthetic and artistic value, and this is exactly why, thanks to a deep knowledge, the artistic and artisan studio "Restauro Tappeti d'Arte", conducted by spouses Bachar Orna and Bumaguin Benedetto, can provide you a highly professional service in carpets and tapestries' restore and cleaning, fully optimizing all the features of every single element.


First for three generations in Genova and now in Pietrasanta, right behind Pietrasanta's Dome ( historical center), Versilia, lies one of the oldest Artistic and Artisan Studios for Art Carpet's Restore. Few people know this, but Restore requires an antique knowledge, which is passed from father to son. Benedetto Bumaguin's family knows and does this since three generations, saving  unique and rare carpets from time's wear.


Damages are often there, but they are hidden and when we can see them it's already time for a proper restore. So we really suggest to bring periodically old and new carpets to our Studio for mainteneance: we will be able to find hidden damages, fringes, edges, little damages on weaves and with an accurate washing, especially for silk carpets.


An handmade carpet is a real work of art and so it must be treated like that. Every piece is unique. Carpets often get more beatiful with the passing of time, because they are  an unique artisan expression. Orna and Benedetto can provide home to home advices, going personally to the client's home, in order to see the carpet and evaluate damages and resulting fixing actions. It's also possible to send by email restore stages, if clients require it, in order to see before and after those restore stages. Finally, our studio features a collection of antique and rare restored carpets, available for sale.


All this competence is due to a tradition which started in the early 1900's with Benedetto Bumaguin's granfather, the famous "Alberto Meschoulam", who established in Genova a "dynasty" of carpets' experts and merchants. The "Restauro Tappeti d'Arte" studio, thanks to its competence in this area, ensures estimates and home-to-home services, providing all necessary guarantees to its dear clientele.