Technics and types


Creative Techniques

It's necessary to know the procedures leading to the creation of the carpets, not just to better value its possibilities and limits but also to understand the manual and mental effort that it requires. Then we must add that the technical aspects of a carpet, often so neglected, are fundamentaly important for the assignement to the different production areas.

If we leave out the manufacture productions, whose drawings were conceived by skilled artists and whose esecution was directed by laboratory bosses, then we have to give credit to the women of towns and nomad tribe for having re-interpreted and transmitted technical and aestethic traditions of ethnic groups that they belonged to. These silent authors, true custodian of a very very ancient art, were never given any acknowledgement for their endless work. Talking very briefly,  the carpets is done through a framework and warp's chains are fixed to it.

The knotting procedure, horizontally and from the bottom to the top done, line by line, alternates between one or more weave strand a line of coloured strands, rolled up to two close chains ( warps). Drawing is obtained by alternating the knot colours. The techinque, which is not absolutely simple, presents many variations and great creativity in the production of spontaneous carpets.