Man…and Carpet's Soul


The Asian Carpet, a fascinating world with impressive suggestion and maximum expressive force.

Looking at the most important discoveries made by man, since earlier times, there is surely the conquer of language, a code which makes possible to communicate every creation, experience, perception by a symbol: a sound but also a graphic motif, a drawing, a pattern.

The graphic expression is the only one that doesn't know boundaries if an object's image is close to reality. Everybody, everywhere and whenever, will always be able to recognise the object which the image refers to.

This is strictly linked to a condition: the observer must have an experience of that object. Motifs, symbols and colours transmit emotions and traditions.

A precious handmade carpet is a daily use object that is capable to offer pleasure, luckyness, wealth and comfort to its owner but it also requires a patient manpower which, sometimes, lasts for a long time. Nearly all the times people who watch and use a carpet don't know the name of the artists who made it but the carpet is art. A quality carpet will always produce an emotion and will always be a valuable piece, loved and admidred by collectors.